Concierge Services

At Agent Vacation Rental, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the most luxurious and elevated vacation rental experiences imaginable, and are focused on providing our guests access to the worlds’ finest services and establishments. Our concierge service tends to our clients’ every need, and can effectively fulfill any request no matter how simple or extravagant. Using our worldwide network of first-class health, wellness, dining, and adventure establishments, we are able to tailor all of our services exclusively to our clients, providing maximum leisure and excitement.

Health and Wellness

We source only the most respected and highly-praised providers to cater to all of our client’s health and wellness needs, including private massage, spa services, beauty services, daily yoga, personal fitness, and much more, all in the convenience of each Agent Vacation Rental home.

Food and Beverage

Agent Vacation Rental is able to manage all dining requests, from stocking the kitchen and bar with desired food and beverages upon arrival, to coordinating a five-course meal for 30 guests. Fresh sushi, Wagyu rib-eyes, organic salads, tiki cocktails—whatever the need, Agent Vacation Rental partners with the best local chefs and craft-cocktail specialists to customize client-driven menus, providing our guests with an exceptional culinary experience.


Agent Vacation Rental can provide the ultimate adventure experience to all of our clients. Whatever the desire—a guided tour, wine tasting, a chartered yacht, or even bicycles delivered to the doorstep of your beach house—we can accommodate any request.


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